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Milton School District is an inclusive and supportive educational community for students, educators, parents, and the community. Our educational community believes students must take ownership of their learning – thinking critically, creatively, and globally across disciplines, and adapting to a rapidly-changing world. We foster a collaborative partnership among teachers, parents, students and community. In addition to learning in the classroom, co-curricular educational opportunities take place so that Milton students value wellness, cultural literacy and global awareness. All students have challenging 21st Century learning opportunities. Instruction is personalized, research-based, and data-driven. Curriculum, assessments, and instruction, aided by technology, involve students in authentic learning opportunities that require curiosity, imagination, and healthy risk-taking while embracing their personal learning styles. Students, educators and school leaders engage in active and purposeful learning within an organizational structure that promotes collaborative learning partnerships and instills school pride. Assessments provide variety and choice that inform on both the formative and summative level. The Milton learning community values technology as a way of leveraging learning beyond the traditional boundaries of the school. We actively encourage and support student education beyond the secondary level.

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Learn, Explore, Adventure Program 2018 hosted their end of program exhibition of learning on Friday, August 3rd in the MMS Library. This 2 week, grant-funded summer program provides students with opportunities to practice skills in reading, writing, art and media, problem solving, inquiry and team building. It includes on-site activities as well as off-site adventures. The success of LEAP is dependent upon a multitude of faculty and staff - those who write and administer the grant, provide transportation and food, and those who plan and facilitate all the activities. A special shout out to this year’s LEAP staff who include elementary to high school teachers: Kylene Flowers; Joe Smith; Hillary Schmid; Tracie Hultgren; Nicole Korb; and Pete Wyndorf.
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