Online Resources for Teachers

This is a space to share some of the best online resources for teaching and learning.  We’ve shared a few to start, and we’ll continue to update and add as we find new sites and apps for you.  Please feel free to let us know if you find a great online tool that you think we should share on this page.  Also let us know if there’s a type of resource that you would like us to seek out and post.  Thanks! ~Ms. Binder and Ms. Megivern

Resources for National Poetry Month:

Teaching Resources from Poetry Out Loud 
Everything you need to get started with some poetry out loud in your classroom.

Celebrating NPM in 20 Simple Ways 
Potato Hill Poetry has put together a fun list of 20 ideas for celebrating poetry month with your students.

K-12 Poetry Lesson Plans (Edsitement) 
A variety of lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school students for poetry month.

Popular Poems to Teach 
From National Poetry Month – explore a great list of some of the most popular poems for use with students.

More Great Lesson Plans (ReadWriteThink)
Links to lesson plan ideas, resources, and websites.

E-books and Audio books:

Terrific resource for accessing thousands of  e-books and audiobooks for your students.  The audiobooks are well-produced (not just a computer voice), and students are able to turn the pages and read along with the audio.  Teachers can open a free account and can create up to 36 profiles for students.


Classroom Activity Builder:


Create Jeopardy-style game boards for your classroom.  The free version allows you to build basic boards, and search and upload boards from other flipquiz users.


Book Sharing:

A kid-safe platform for sharing, discussing, and tracking books…basically a Goodreads or Shelfari for younger students.