Courtney Pelkey

My name is Courtney Pelkey. I am a born and raised Milton community member. A lot of my colleague had the pleasure of teaching my siblings and myself as we navigated through school. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education with a minor in Special Education from the University of Vermont in 2017. This is my second year working in my hometown, first year as a Special Educator in Milton Middle School.

I have one niece who I adore and love to tell funny stories about to my students. She reminds me why I wanted to be a teacher. We both are obsessed with PENGUINS! In the middle school we have started a game of where’s my penguin. Students and teachers love getting involved in our little game and taking a blue stuffed penguin on adventures through the elementary and middle school. It has brought many smiles to the faces of our school community.

I am currently co teaching with Amy Johnson in math on Team Independence. We are working together in building a community of learners that continue to question and seek more out of their education. I am lucky to work with so many great educators at Milton Middle School.