Brian Charash

Subjects Taught/Position
UVM Nuclear Medicine Technology Bachelors Degree, and Teachers Apprenticeship Program Graduate from Champlain College
Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Hiking, Swimming, Most Sports, and Dogs.
A little about me.
My hobbies include Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf. I have spent 3 seasons coaching the South Burlington Varsity Girls Ultimate Team. I was a part of Ultimate Frisbee Teams since my sophomore year of high school. I was interested in a leadership position and became captain of my high school team and my College team. Since graduating from UVM I have spent more time on the individual sport of disc golf. I like to unwind at home by cooking a fun meal or playing a fun board game with my family. I like to swim and hike in the summer as much as I can. I am very enthusiastic and excited to be a member of this school district!