Jessica Baldwin

My name is Jessie Baldwin. I am the visual arts teacher for grades 5-8. I absolutely love art! I enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, printmaking and looking at contemporary and historical art. I am also passionate about art education. I earned my Bachelor’s of Art, concentrating in fine arts and education, from the University of Montana, and a Master’s in Art Education from Boston University. I have been teaching art for 12 years. This is my fourth year teaching in Milton. My favorite part of teaching in Milton is working with the theatre and music departments to produce an annual middle school musical. During one trimester, middle school art students design, construct, and paint sets for the play. It is so much fun! We build a sense of community as we work cooperatively to produce a great show. I believe that our 5-8 art studio should always be buzzing with creativity, joy, discovery and magic.