Megan Smith

Subjects Taught/Position
After graduating from the University of Vermont (UVM) in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, I taught preschool and Kindergarten at a private school for one year. At that time, I decided to further my education and went back to school. While working full time for the Howard Center as a Behavior Interventionist, I earned an endorsement in Special Education from UVM and the Vermont Department of Education. I worked as a special educator in Richford, Vermont for five years. During those five years, I earned a Master’s degree in Special Education from Johnson State College. I joined the Milton faculty in 2009, where I worked as a special educator and co-teacher in 5th and 6th grade. In 2012, I joined the middle school as a co-teacher and Special Educator. It was during my middle school experience that I decided to move toward leadership. In 2017, I became Co-Principal of MMS with Brandy Brown. In 2019, I graduated St. Michael’s College with a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Education Leadership.
My family and I are avid campers and love traveling. I enjoy participating and spectating in most sporting events. My son is interested in and takes part in many sports so if you see me on the field, rink, court, gym, etc. don’t hesitate to say hello!
A little about me.
I live in Milton with my husband, son, and brother with Down Syndrome.