Duncan Wardwell

My name is Duncan Wardwell and I am a life-long learner and
educational engineer since 1994. I have dedicated my professional
career to pursuing science, math, literature, geology, and recreation
management. Ever since I was in high school, I have coached and
managed programs for various communities in Maine, Colorado, Vermont,
New York. I graduated from Orono High School and Colorado State
University with a Major in Chemical Engineering and a teaching
license. I have taught various subjects in public & private schools.
I have offered various educational opportunities to learners from ages
3-93. When I am not working, I enjoy being with my family, listening
to music, reading, going outside, skiing, and playing baseball.

I provide valuable perspectives as I adapt learning progressions to
individuals and conditions. As a husband of another teacher, I value
the wonderful resources we have in our Vermont schools. As a father
of 10th/8th grade boys in Mount Mansfield/Camel's Hump, I understand
how every teacher and student contributes to our learning community.
As a former director of after-school/summer programs at C.V.U. high
school, I practice patience as I support personal learning goals. As
a former ski instructor, I value taking positive risks yet carefully
supporting progress even when it requires a cup of hot chocolate. As
a teacher in many other schools in our county, I am ecstatic to be
working alongside our amazing professionals in Milton.

One of my favorite aspects of teaching is that every day provides a
new path to explore a student success. I encourage all my students to
focus on progress rather than perfection. I model for all my students
that a positive and inquisitive mind are essential ingredients to
success. I quote many artists and scientists to inspire us all to
strive to the next horizon. "The trouble with life isn't that there
is no answer, it's that there are so many answers." - Ruth Benedict