Suzanne Diner

I am Suzy Diner and I teach middle school French. I graduated from Trinity College of Vermont with a double major in French and Elementary Education, and a master's degree in English as a Second or Additional Language from Saint Michael's College. In addition, I have done various profession development classes in Canada and the U.S.

I love teaching and I love language, so I consider myself extremely fortunate to combine both interests in my career.This is my 14th year teaching at Milton and over the years I have taught at several grade levels, language as well as ELL and elementary education. Prior to teaching in Milton, I taught in Japan and in Middlebury, Vermont.

When I am not in school, I enjoy a lot of reading, crafts, music, and travel. When I travel, I love to visit as many art and history museums as possible and take photos of the places I see. I also enjoy visiting school in other countries. Of course, as far as I wander, it is always nice to come home.