Library Policies

Hours and Catalog Access:

The Milton Elementary Middle School Library is here for you!  We are open Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 3:30pm.  Our catalog is accessible at any of six designated OPAC computers in the Library.  It is also possible to access our catalog through the website, here.

Food and Drink:

Our resources are to be shared by all in the Milton Town School District community. In order to keep those resources in good shape, we ask that you keep food and drinks outside of the library (bottled water is okay).

Behavior Expectations:

The Library is a shared space.  We ask that all of our staff and students use good judgment in terms of noise, appropriate language, and physicality in order to maintain a space which is safe and welcoming for all.  It is expected that students will be respectful of others who are working in the Library and adjust their volume and actions accordingly.  It is also expected that students and staff will treat all resources (technology, books, shelving, furniture, etc.) with care, and that any damages to resources will be reported to the Librarians as soon as possible.

Circulation Policies:

Students in PreK and Kindergarten are allowed to check out one item at a time.  Students in grades 1-3 are allowed two items at a time.  Students in grades 4-8 are allowed to check out up to three items at a time.  All items have a loan period of two weeks and can be renewed so long as no other person has placed a hold on the item.  There are no overdue fines, however students and families are expected to pay for or replace any lost or destroyed items.

  • Students may sign out library books and Nooks every day if they come to the LMC with a pass. (Students in grades 4-8 will be able to sign out Nooks!)
  • Students may keep books for up to two weeks.
  • K students get one book.
  • 1-3 students get two books.
  • 4-6 students get 3 books.
  • All students may have books over their limit for special projects.
  • Please help your children get their books back on time. If you pay for a book we will refund your money if you find the book. Students can also pay for their books a little at a time. We keep envelopes for payers.